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          Cosign an application


          You can submit a cosigner application if the student has already started their application and selected you as a cosigner.

          Start an application as a cosigner

          BEGIN NOW

          This is a way for you to begin the application process as a cosigner on behalf of a student.

          Frequently Asked Questions:

          What is a Cosigner?

          A cosigner accepts equal responsibility for the repayment of a private student loan. Cosigner need not be related to the student, but many students ask a parent to cosign their applications.

          Cosigner must:
          Be a US citizen or permanent resident
          Be at least 18 years old
          Pass a credit check

          Why Cosign?

          If the student does not have established credit history to qualify for a private student loan on their own, the student may have the option to apply with a creditworthy cosigner.

          Even if the student qualifies for a private student loan on their own, the student may receive a lower interest rate by adding a cosigner.

          How to apply to be a Cosigner?

          Student has already submitted their application - Ask the student for your Cosigner Key to complete a cosigner application or call us at 1-800-STUDENT.

          Student has not submitted their application yet - Start the application process as a cosigner for the student.

          Did You Know?

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